So who was David Cameron ringing?

I’ve been speaking to @BarackObama about the situation in Ukraine. We are united in condemnation of Russia’s actions.

Or so we were told this week on Prime minister David Cameron’s twitter page. It appears though that this impressive ‘great world leader’ photograph was a cheat. He wasn’t ringing Barack Obama at all, he was pretending for the photograph. Honestly Dave, what next!

So if it wasn’t Barack,  who was he ringing? Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg perhaps? Maybe not – they’re not best friends any more.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel? Definitely not after where she told him to go over Europe.

Maybe he got confused and was really ringing former American President George W. Bush. Two confused guys together then.

Or his old adversary London mayor, Boris Johnson? No he’s not that desperate or is he?

If it was old friend Rebecca Brookes, she would have definitely been pleased to get his call while she sat in the dock at the Old Bailey on phone hacking charges.

Knowing Dave, maybe his finger slipped and he rang Vladimir Putin by mistake. Whoops. Sorry Vlad. Can I condemn you while I’m on? Oh OK. LOL.

I’m running out of ideas now. Who is still taking calls from David Cameron? Dave’s a friendly old thing so he might’ve just been ringing round any available celebrity with a phone.

David Beckham, perhaps? Like his namesake, he does anything for publicity these days.

Madonna – likewise.

Beyonce doesn’t seem very pleased to hear his honeyed tones.

Keanu Reeves is decidedly bored.

Lady Gaga doesn’t know who he is.

David Hasselhoff thinks he’s a joke.

Maybe he was ringing that old Seattle radio psychologist, Frasier Crane for a bit of advice on getting on with World leaders…

…or maybe he was ringing one of those call lines…no, surely not. He’d get a more  sympathetic ear from the little chap below. But, I have to confess, if you’re still wondering who Dave was ringing, scroll down to see…yep, Dave, OK….

…it was me.


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