A lone sculpture in Lewes made me want to take him home.

I wonder if sculptures like private views? Sage, by my friend Pippa Burley,   looks as if he can handle a crowd without losing his equilibrium. Awkward though for the other viewers, of course, you don’t always see the best bits of people when you’re looking at sculpture – paintings on the wall are much safer.

Actually some of the other pieces, like this one, called Beguine, I think,  looked very alone but OK with it too when I went to see Pippa’s work at Lewes’ Hop Gallery, conveniently situated two minutes from my front door. I love her work but, maybe when Lewes folk are having a drink and a chat around you, you need to be patient like the woman below, aptly named Patience. I thought of Shakespeare: “she sat like patience sitting on a monument” (Twelfth Night, Act II, Scene 4). I felt quite clever when  Pippa Burley told me that was what she had been thinking too.

Exhibiting artists need to be patient too at their private views but, I’m not being nasty, it was a lovely event. The show, along with painter Meryl Stringell’s work, continues until 31 October so if you can get to Lewes’ Hop Gallery  go take a look. Here’s the link: http://www.hopgallery.com/

The artist and her work

Here’s the link to Pippa Burley’s website:




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