Some tidy-minded residents of Lewes got a rubbish Easter present from Lewes Council this weekend.

Over the Easter holidays we had mostly good weather here in Lewes. It rained a bit but not so much to stop people enjoying a visit to our beautiful old town. I had many an opportunity to go out into my small urban garden and to forget about that madding crowd that was apparently surging across the nation for the holidays.

Lewes was made slightly less idyllic because Lewes Council didn’t notify the residents of our street that the rubbish was being collected a day earlier last week and consequently the street was lined with bin bags all weekend.

It might not have looked that attractive to residents and visitors but it delighted a visiting herring gull.

It was having a great time here in Lewes apparently amazed that tidy-minded Lewes had let its standards drop.

The gull made the view of Pleasant Stores less pleasant for a bit but at least the gull had a good time. I hope he  doesn’t let the other gulls know that the rubbish collection will be a day late this week. I wonder if those nice people at the council will come and sort out the mess. At least they gave me the opportunity to study marine sea birds at close quarters.

Update: Tuesday afternoon and Lewes Council sent a van round to pick up the rubbish. Yay! Result.


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  1. You're free to be picky Claudio! I'm not exhuasted by the idea of the website but this was a change of policy and, judging by the fact that the entire street made the same error, it's quite clear that no one had been alerted to the need to check the website in advance or on a regular basis.

    I was conscious that I probably sounded like a grouch but the street did look terrible for the whole weekend and the herring gulls had a field day. I tried to keep my sense of irony but obviously failed.

    I do, however, defend, The Great British Democracy where we are all entitled to snap at the heels of our elected representatives who often have a tendency to walk rough-shod over us normally well-behaved members of the silent majority.

    You, of course, can remain as picky as you wish – that's your right too.

    Thanks for the comment!

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