Some triumphs and a disaster in my Lewes garden: Spring Part Two.

I dead-head my last daffodil just as my tulips brought a new colour scheme into my small Lewes courtyard garden. Here is ‘Ballerina’  with her fiery elegance and bold vertical lines.

 They mix well with the blue of the grape hyacinths, muscari, that are multiplying every year and do double service first as a contrast to the yellows of the daffodils and now oart of a richer palette.

I’m still enjoying my snake’s head fritillaries, see last week’s blog, who now dominate the corner of the garden next to this season’s first horticultural disaster, my empty terracotta pot where there should now be more tulips but instead there’s a no show thanks, I suspect, to last year’s invading army of slugs. I need to plant some replacements as a matter of urgency.

On a cheerier note, my little cherry tree is throwing up new and long branches and is already beginning to blossom – always a moment for celebration here in my garden.

some of the petals have been The camellias are still blooming too even though petals have been scorched by the morning sun. This has started to happen now that the plant has grown taller SO i may have to think about moving it to a more sheltered position.

All of these flowers though and the new rush of rose leaves are all set of perfectly by today’s vivid blue sky. I think I’ll go out there now and practice my kungfu patterns before the sun gets too hot.

If you’re in these parts on Wednesday, May the First, come along to our poetry night, Lewes’ First Wednesday Writers. It would be good to meet you.

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