Spot The Difference: North Korea, South Korea

North Korean Flag

It was an easy enough mistake to make – well all flags look about the same don’t they! I mean take  this little problem when the British Olympic organizers showed the South Korean flag instead of the North Korean one. It is easy to confuse them. They are both mostly red, white and blue, just like the Union Jack and the Stars And Stripes. OK, the patterning is a little different but it would take a genius to tell them apart – or would it?

South Korean Flag

Just to make sure you don’t make a similar mistake when trying to spot the difference between old enemies North and South Korea, here is an idiot’s guide to all things North and South Korean. Oi, who you calling an idiot!

North Korean Leader

South Korean Leader

North Korean Soldiers

South Korean Soldiers

North Korean Children

South Korean Children

North Korean Restaurant
South Korean Restaurant

North Korean Test
South Korean Test

North Koreans Looking South
South Koreans Looking North

North Korean Football Team

South Korean Football Team

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