Spring – almost here.

I awoke this morning physically challenged after my first full evening (two and a half hours) of martial arts training (White Crane Kungfu – see White crane fighting arts in Links in the right hand column))  in over two years. It was great to find out that there was nothing I couldn’t do even if it is still daunting and frustrating that there is still nothing I can do well either. I am feeling slow though today, the sun is shining, the temperature has risen and yes, Spring bulbs are on their way.  Fragrant early daffodils…..

…Alpine species snowdrops…..

…..and a host of other early spring bulbs have brought life to my garden with their incomparably optimistic green shoots.

…the primroses have started to bloom too so, at least in this neck of the woods, everything seems just fine.

 It is time to prune the clematis plants right down to the ground and, if I wasn’t feeling so lazy, I would go out there now.  Maybe a job for the weekend.

I need to decide what to do with my Christmas tree too. I am trying not to get too sentimental about this one. It was a plucky and beautifully shape decoration over the festive season and it has sat out there by the dustbin in its pot ever since. The mean-spirited, cowardly part of me, had secretly hoped that the pines would drop but, no, it is looking a bit healthier every day. I have a horrible feeling that, like the neighbour’s black cat, it wants to come and live here. that is another decision I shall put off to the weekend. It would be nice to bring it in again next Christmas, the tree, I mean, not the cat. There I go getting all soppy about it already. I am off for my coffee.

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