Spring has rushed away in our English heatwave but my Lewes garden has still got plenty to offer.

After the hottest April since records began here in England 350 years ago, our spring has been galloping away and now my tulips have taken on that petrified horror movie look which has its own weird splendour. If my tulips and irises have said goodbye then there is plenty more out in my small Lewes garden

It is the turn of my first clematis plants with their luxuriantly large petaled flowers…..

…they have established the new colour scheme for this period in the garden….with purples, white and magenta….

…and Falstaff, the richly perfumed and exotic climber is the first of my roses to bloom though the others are all about to burst their buds……

…my small daisies have arrived….sitting on the steps and welcoming me whenever I go outside – they will flower now until the Autumn…..

……I have the first signs too of my fruit crops…..the espalier Bramley cooking apple tree is covered in fruitlets……

…and my gooseberry bush is already in fruit……

…so it is  looking good out there and I will take a moment to stand and stare wondering at just how many wonderful plants can be packed into a tiny space.

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