Spring is flirting with me in my Lewes garden

I have been limping around the house all weekend with my annoyingly injured knee, well Saturday night’s misbehaviour took me out of myself for a while. My frustration with my knee means that everything, all those anticipated rites of Spring,  seems slow to me including the expected bud burst in my small town garden here in Lewes, UK which is dawdling a touch with temperatures lower than I would like. There was another frost this morning so I am going to have to sustain my frayed patience.

I am feeling impatient when normally I would allow myself to enjoy the slow tease that is the blossoming of Spring.

My early flowering bulbs are on their way with just enough coyly exposed blue, purple and yellow to get my enthusiasm going but, like a child on Christmas Eve, I want it all to happen now.

At least the primroses have been performing on schedule – in fact they have been flowering since December and they never fail to raise my spirits. Especially when they shine their refulgent yellows from the darkest corners of the garden.

I am feeling smugly satisfied with the Goji Berry bush as this is the first year that I have pruned it and I showed no pity in the hope that is will grow into a dense bush laden with fruit.

Just when I thought I had killed it, it decided to flash a few light green leaves at me hinting that all will be well soon.

My red camellia is flashing its swelling buds too with just a hint of crimson as a hint of what is to come.

Maybe most exciting of all is the eruption of life on my fruit trees, the miniature apple is bursting its buds  …..

….as is the Japanese flowering cherry and its neighbour the espalier Bramley apple tree. So all I need is to get my knee working again and then I too will spring back into life.

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