St Paul’s Cathedral cleared of caring people

It’s all clear again at St Paul’s Cathedral in London so no one need fear going into this magnificent building to do whatever people do in there – pray for peace, I guess, and pray to end greed and poverty from the World.

All good Christians will be able to go there now to offer up just such prayers without having to see those protestors camping outside as a demonstration against corporate greed. Er, hang on a minute, something’s not right about that.

This peaceful demonstration, Occupy London, has been outside the holy building for four months now and, in that time, it has drawn attention to what is now a majority view about the grossness of those city bonuses when the rest of the country is living through a period of austerity brought about by those very people who are making such a rich picking in the financial centres of the World.

Anyway, whatever their motives, those peaceful demonstrators were evicted from God’s forecourt just after midnight last night. Let’s hope that their message isn’t so easily wiped away.

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