Starting all over after Christmas

I know it isn’t Twelfth Night (the last part of Christmas) until tomorrow but I am feeling like Christmas is history and I am enjoying those feelings that come with a bright and crisp early January morning. It is the New Year and, as I haven’t said it on here before, a very Happy New Year to all of you have kept turning to these pages which are now over a year old. Thanks for sticking with me everyone who has been there from the start and welcome to all you new readers from around the World who, amazingly, keep adding to’s audience.

Already people are back about their work like these two guys who have been cutting away the vegetative overgrowth on the Mound behind the house to reveal a pretty Nineteenth Century rooftop on one of my neighbour’s outbuildings.

This morning that little shed’s antique tiles are decorated with the morning frost so thanks lads for my new view.

As I said though, I know it isn’t Twelfth Night yet but a local charity collects and recycles Christmas trees and mine is now awaiting collection, rather sadly, I think, out there on the pavement. Sorry little tree but Christmas is over and I feel great. I had a good time and met up with close family and friends to celebrate the season of feasting but now I am ready to get on with my life again – that might just be why we have feasts.

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  1. Actually, Twelfth Night is tonight – it's the night before Twelfth Day – so you are right.

    Anyway, it's good that it is all over and done with for another year.

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