Strip all the knights from their shining armour – not just Fred.

I know that I have always put Fred Goodwin’s title in brackets on these pages and I’m certainly not sorry to see him lose that silly addition to his name. I have no admiration for the man and only contempt for what he did during his days with the Royal Bank Of Scotland and his part in the collapse of Britain’s economy.

I don’t agree with the way he was stripped of his knighthood though – the honours system is the UK is already too political for its own good with all those titles going to friends of the Prime Minister but this incident smacks of cheap political point scoring as it is pretty obvious that Prime Minister Cameron put pressure on the supposedly neutral committee charged with defrocking knights who have broken the law. Fred might have been a nasty little s**t but, as far as we know, he hasn’t broken any laws. he is no worse than a lot of the other people strutting around this country flashing their knighthoods.

Just Plain Fred

Instead of just stripping Fred, we should get rid of the whole system of stupid titles and, if anyone really deserves an honour then just give them a nice shiny medal. If not then I suggest all existing knights should be forced to walk around in a full suit of armour to show us just how dated this whole system has become.

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