Summer’s farewell

Sometimes I wish that I didn’t listen to the radio. Yesterday morning as I was getting up on a warm sunny morning, I heard the meteorological report and the news was bleak. the tempeeratures are going to drop by mid-week and there will be more rain. The  cheery broadcasting weatherman said Autumn is about to hit England but I didn’t want to hear his words.

I was off to see my friend Adam’s new flat in Brighton and, as I drove into our local seaside city, there was not a hint of Autumn in the air – just blue skies, glistening sea and the heat of the sun.

Adam’s flat which is all guitars and computer games has a perfect Brighton view and as I sat on his balcony breathing in ozone, I fought that feeling of the end of a seaon. just give me a moment and soon I will celebrate Autumn but, for now, I want to bask in the sun.

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