Summertime and I’m off on my holidays.

Hot Day
by wolfiewolfgang

I am off on my holidays for couple of weeks where I plan to do not a lot in the sun so you will have to live without this blog until I get back. This is the first break in the daily routine since we started in December 2008 but I have been persuaded it is time for a holiday. I will leave you with a poem that I wrote about summer and which was published in the November issue of the American arts magazine The Blotter last year –


The flies got there first.
Exploring – greedy for it.
Soon a swarm
busy in the oppressive heat.

All around breezeless silence,
then that buzzing.
Insects, undiscriminating in their hunger.
Nature recycling – no siesta.

The sun paralyzes all other life.
Omnipotent, silent, unrelenting.
Juices dry, skin crinkles,
the shape of bones revealed.

Then a shadow,
sudden movement,
pincer beak with crow-eye aim.

Flies dispersed,
plate cleared,
the chicken leg devoured.

Sun bathing, I shudder,
hot flesh frozen.
Reminded and forewarned.


Tune in again on Wednesday 16th. June but until then it is bye-bye from someone eagerly chasing the sun.In the meanwhile, why not look up some of the previous blogs in the chapters at the top of this page. I have just rearranged them in reverse order so the latest ones are at the top. Have a look for some that you may have missed.

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