Sun, sea and Mirek Topolanek – hot stuff

There must be something about the thought of the former Czech prime minister, Mirek Topolanek relaxing naked in Silvio Berlusconi’s Sardinian holiday villa because suddenly this site has attracted a host of Czech readers (see yesterday). He is seen here below in a typical pose (on the right) – and, in case you are interested, he is sitting next to Miss World.

They seem to be having fun and why not? Mr. Topolanek seems to be a fun-loving kind of guy. Ask his wife, (below left) who is divorcing him and seeking election in one of the opposition parties or ask his pregnant mistress, (below right) to use an old fashioned word.

He was here in London for the G20 Conference recently even though he had just lost a vote of confidence in the Czech Parliament and, last month was ousted from office
So he now has plenty of time to …er…….walk the dog.

I suppose he will be missing that sense of masculine power that always seemed to ooze from him when he was the Czech Republic’s alpha male.
And, of course, he will be missing his role as World Statesman when he had to charm the Prime Ministers of countries near and far. Here he is at a working session with Yulia Tymoshenko, the Prime Minister of the Ukraine.
I don’t know why he lost that vote of no-confidence – he certainly seems to know how to put on the charm.

So, citizens of the Czech Republic, Prosim! Welcome to you all and thanks for dropping in. I wish you well with your new Prime Minister.

Now that Berlusconi holiday home, the Villa Certosa, wasn’t that where Britain’s former perma-tanned prime minister Tony Blair used to go too? It would be interesting to know what kind of readers would be attracted to the thought of him too in the state that God intended.

Well it is a lovely place – blue sea, blue skies, blue movie-type parties. Who can blame the World’s leaders being drawn there for a little relaxation?

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against nudity, all-over tans or even, as Cole Porter wrote, nudist parties – I just have never been to one. Yes, go on then, accuse me of jealousy and wishful thinking, it is the preserve of writers everywhere.

It is not that really, it is just that I am surprized to think of our former great leader, Mr. Blair, putting his big toe nervously into the torpid waters of Signor Berlusconi’s swimming pool. I wonder if he was there with some of those “bikini-clad or topless models” that the Italian press are raving about at the moment. I don’t see his wife, Cherie, tolerating that for long.

Maybe that is why they were safer taking their freebie holidays in the Virgin Islands, no sorry, I mean on (Sir) Cliff Richard’s holiday retreat in Barbados.

Strange how thoughts of the naked Mr. Topolanek reminded me of Tony Blair just as he was back in London yesterday to spread some of his wisdom in front of the Parliamentary Foreign Affairs committee.

He was looking good. Sun-tanned for sure even though it was difficult to tell from his snappy suit whether it was an all-over one.

He was telling our, already shell-shocked MPs, how nice it was to be out of Parliament. Many of them are about to find out. You get to travel the World, build up that tan, and engage in a little bit of diplomacy. In his case he was talking about the Middle East crisis and how he spent about a week a month trying to solve the impasse between the Israelis and the Palestinians. He didn’t waste any more time on it, he said, because the politics seem to be “paralysed” at the moment. He didn’t mention that a lot of his time, these days, is taken up being the highest paid after-dinner speaker in the World.

Maybe President Obama will have something more positive to say about the “paralysed” problem of the Middle East when he delivers his much awaited speech in Egypt.

Then Tony Blair can relax just like Mr Topolanek, and let’s hope one day soon, Silvio Berlusconi. There will be some more of those shocking parties at the Villa Certosa, for sure.

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