Syria and Iraq: A few RAF planes will not do the job

So we’re sending a few bombers to join the other nations who are using their planes to do too little too late. David Cameron, the British Prime Minister may talk big about defeating the monstrous organisation known as ISIS but if he really thinks that our RAF planes are going to make any difference then he’s as naive as he thinks we are. Let’s not be taken in by the rhetoric: this is a public relations job by our silver-tongued marketing Prime Minister.

A few planes against a vicious, fanatical and murderous army is just not enough. We are becoming the talk big, do nothing country and all this new bombing campaign will do is attract more crazed murderers to further acts of terrorism against the UK. If we buy into this without looking at the small print we’re in for a big disappointment.


If we want to end this horror then we have to do more than just shout loudly and do the minimum to save face. We have sat back while the Syrian president has committed genocide against his own people and we have sat back while ISIS grew in strength. Isn’t it time that we actually tried to stop the carnage? Isn’t it time that the grisly activities of ¬†President Assad and ISIS are brought to a conclusive end?

How many Syrian and Iraqi people have to die (let alone the British and American hostages) before the United Nations declares enough is enough. Maybe, Mr Cameron believes that half a dozen British planes can end the horror of the last four years. Isn’t it just a sham to deny the necessity of going into Syria and Iraq where hundreds of thousands of civilians have died and millions have been made refugees? Or do we just not care here in the West with our isolationist instincts?


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