Tariq Jahan, the voice of reason and humanity in England’s rioting moments of hysteria.

Tariq Jahan

It was moving and salutary that here in England after four days of civil unrest and chaos, that healing words came not from our politicians or our policemen but from the bereaved father of one of the young men killed in Birmingham on one of those dreadful nights of mayhem.
Whilst all around him people were braying for blood and retribution, it was this dignified British Muslim who spoke with the voice of reasoned calm and humanity. Where shocked commentators, politicians and citizens were making intemperate, often racist remarks in their anger, he was calling for peace and understanding.
“I don’t want there to be any more trouble, anyone getting hurt. I don’t want any of you to fight. My son died defending the community he lived in. We’re part of this community, so please go home.” 
We must offer Mr Jahan our respect, our admiration for his courage and our great sympathy for his loss.


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