Taxes – if only we all paid them.

Every year I promise myself that I won’t wait until the final deadline before posting my tax returns on-line and every year, this one included, I do the same thing: panic.

So this weekend, the deadline, instead of sunning myself on some tropical island tax haven like all those chief executives of financial fraud shops, I mean our respected captains of commerce, I shall be here in Lewes, UK,  rummaging around for documents and getting into the usual mix of frustration and bad temper.

So don’t expect to see much of me, I am sorting out my figures to help pay off Britain’s massive deficit – the one that was caused by those very same men who are sunning themselves in tax havens. Thanks guys – for nothing!


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  3. Tax should be handled carefully. It requires proper budgeting skills, or we'll all end up in debt.

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  5. I am convinced the most significant challenge confronting our nation nowadays certainly is the U.S. Tax laws. However I imagine every one of us can come to an agreement that it needs reform. To keep the quantity of support states offer, even when missing the federal revenue of not long ago, a lot of states have taken resourceful options to gain back tax revenue. Almost everything here is simple fact, regrettably.

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