Thanks to all my readers – all 70,534 of you.

At the end of December, I will have been writing these daily blogs for three years without interruption and, as an unapologetic and obsessive geek, I couldn’t resist looking at some of my vital statistics. After-all, it would show an unforgivable lack of curiosity if I was interested in who really reads these pages and where they come from. Are they happy families, cuddled cosily round the computer?

That would be nice but I suspect that my 70,534 readers are more varied than that.

I wonder what ages they are and whereabout in the World they live.

This site has been visited by people from 171 countries around the World and from all continents. Hi, out there, it is great to speak to you all.

I don’t  suppose you all agree with everything I say but it is great to know that you are all out there  wherever you are.

Every day we meet up in this strangely anonymous way and over the three years there have been 105,206 page views. I hope you enjoyed most of what you read.

whether you were reading in a log cabin in Vermont….

….. a field in Holland.

…a Chinese intrernet cafe…..

..or somewhere in Japan.

I hope you, at least, find these blogs,  provocative….




…or liberating…..

whatever your age….

whatever you are wearing…..

if you are are trendy and cool…..

..homely and wholesome….

.. dull but nice…..or, wackily independent-minded. You are all most welcome and I hope you will stay around for the next three years and longer.

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