The great thaw started over the weekend and I was hypnotised by these slowly melting icicles outside my bedroom window. We English have got fed up with the snow now because, well those of us living in the South anyway, are just not used to the inconvenience.

Even the local crows had to get extra cosy up there on their regular spot over the road on their usual roosting place on the chimney tops but now the snow is dripping away.

The roofs that I can see on the other side of the street have been picturesque for sure and I have enjoyed the view of their coating in the magical white stuff.

Last night though all this began to change and I caught sight of this mini-avalanche – an accident waiting to happen.

This morning the rooftop of snow had gone from the house with the worst insulation……

…but I don’t know if anyone was standing underneath when it deposited its load on the pavement below.

Now all the roofs are following suit and soon, I suspect, we will be snow-free.

It was lovely though when the view from my windows was snow-clad from the rooftops to the Sussex Downlands in the distance.

My garden is still as it was though. This is what it is like this morning……….

..and this was what it looked like a week ago. If you have nothing better to do, see if you can spot the difference. It is scheduled to disappear by the end of the week but we have been told that it all might come back next week. It has been a gentle covering here in Lewes, Sussex and unless I needed to go out, it was enjoyably cocooning here inside my warm house with the sounds of the World muffled in Winter.

I spent the morning at my gym with my therapeutic personal trainer Ricardo (with one “C”) who is helping me get back my fitness after my year long recovery from illness. Yesterday I went through a similar sets of physical challenges in a one to one kung fu lesson with my instructor Neil who took me up a peg or too and made me do the kind of routines that I will have to face when I return to the normal three-times a week classes.

I survived both events and with a nice warm feeling of achievement and now I am sitting here with my feet up on my desk listening to the mellowest new music I know whilst I linger over a particularly enjoyable mug of strong black coffee.

Life feels good.

Oh yes, the cd is My One And Only Thrill by Melody Gardot. I will write more about this very talented woman soon. Now though, you can just sit back, listen and thaw a bit too:

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