The bluebell woods of East Sussex – a perfect May time walk.

One of the wonders of living in England is when May comes round and our ancient woods burst into colour. Not just any colour though. Over the last couple of weeks our woodlands have turned blue. However you have to know your countryside to find a true English bluebell wood.

Before I moved to Lewes in East Sussex, I lived not far away in an isolated country hamlet across the road from a particularly lovely ancient wood. I went back there yesterday for a walk off the beaten track hoping that the bluebells were still in bloom.

The walk was beautiful enough without those magical blue flowers, maybe England’s most beautiful. I know the Scots lay claim to the bluebell too but, one a warm Spring day in England, we, sorry Scotland, no contest.

I knew these lanes intimately after living in these parts and walking them with my dog every day. When I got to the woods, I was not disappointed. If you’re not lucky enough to live near a bluebell wood then you’ll just have to enjoy them here on-line. Scroll down this page and then you’ll agree with me that the English bluebell is a very special plant designed precisely to gild a temperate woodland when it is in its first flush of new leaves. As to where this wood is, well sorry, I’m not telling. Some things have to remain a secret and bluebells are best appreciated far from the madding crowd.

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