The Dandy can’t go! I can’t live without Korky The Cat!

They can’t be serious! I still don’t believe it will happen. The publishers, DC Thomson, can’t really be considering closing The Dandy, that great children’s comic that first appeared in 1937. Well loads of bad things were going on in 1937 so that’s not the reason why I want it to stay. No, how can we all go on without Korky The Cat?

In case you don’t know, Korky is a black and white cat with enthusiastically expressed human characteristics.

 He was my favourite character when I was a child and I followed his adventures every week when my grandmother arrived with it in her shopping basket along with a bottle of ginger beer and a sticky bun.

 Korky The Cat was the original star  of The Dandy. He dominated the front page and enlivened the whole comic before fading in popularity, why I don’t know, and finally relinquishing the cover to The Dandy’s most famous character.

The ever cheerful, rather oafish and relentlessly bristly Desperate Dan.

I have to admit that Korky was much more my thing funny though the Desperate Dan stories were.

 I was never tempted by that cow-pie with its  ominously undead-looking cow’s tail proturding from the pastry.

I loved Beryl The Peril too, of course. She was the naughtiest girl I have ever known – well, maybe – but even Beryl has to give way to Korky in my heart.

The Dandy is struggling for readers  because kids these days play computer games and watch TV but please, everyone out there, go and get yourself a copy of the newly designed comic….

….and try to love the new Korky who has had a make-over in the spirit of Pokémon. I suppose he will have to look like that if people take to him but I hoped that Korky would always look like, well, Korky.

Korky will always be a black and white cat to me…just like my very own Korky, the late but  not forgotten Sidney who was Korky’s personification.

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