The end of the line for my old blue t-shirt

I know my old blue t-shirt wasn’t the smartest thing in my wardrobe. – I seldom do smart.  I realize that it was only a material possession and that I should learn to stop getting attached to comfortable old favourites. I know all that but I was still sad this week when the time finally arrived when even I had to admit that my favourite t-shirt was now more holes than cotton. I’ve worn it for the last time, well it hung off me for the last time and then I threw its ripped remains into the bin. Farewell old  blue t-shirt. Now what shall I wear out there in my garden every morning trying to get those martial arts moves right?

My old pink t-shirt just isn’t the same, it’s pink washed out years ago but it will have to do for now.

Anyway, Autumn will be here soon and I can revert to my old uniform.

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