The ground gives way in Nepal

I was planning a celebrationary blog today as I’d been forced off-line since early April by computer problems. Thankfully my technology is now back to normal but I don’t feel like celebrating my return online or my return from holiday when the news from Nepal is so distressing.

I’d flown to France, Portugal and Italy over the last weeks and, when I landed at the airport last Saturday, I was glad to feel my feet on firm ground. I didn’t realise that while I was having that thought, the ground was quite literally giving way under the feet of thousands of Nepalese and other people on the other side of the World.

I am glad to be home but shocked to see how my life here on a beautiful spring day  in Lewes, UK, is so different from the reality facing the survivors of Nepal’s terrible earthquake.

Here are some photographs of the Nepalese tragedy – if you can, you could give some urgently needed cash to the Help Nepal charity. I have posted the link at the bottom of this page.

Please, if you can, click on the link below and give some money to help the people of Nepal:

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