The Last Brexiter exits – what a load of wallies!

Exited BREXITER Andrea Leadsom stands down from the Conservative leadership election.

So there they all go! Whoops. After the Leave campaign in Britain’s EU Referendum claimed victory, it all looked like celebration time for its leaders, Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage, Michael Gove and Andrea Leadsom. It was not long before the champagne went flat,  the bubbles burst and those conquering heroes all fell like flies caught by a self-aimed can of fly spray.

Andrea Leadsom, the last one to go, had been one of two contenders for the Conservative Party leadership election, called after Prime Minister David Cameron’s resignation after losing the EU Referendum debate. Her ill-considered and hurtful remarks about her credentials as a mother making her a better candidate than the childless but massively more experienced Home secretary, Theresa May, did for her as it should’ve done even if in her stepping down speech she claimed that it was all to do with the good of the country blah blah blah.

Actually the brutal truth is that she was never up to the job, only an MP for a short time, a junior and hitherto invisible force in the Conservative government, she was quite plainly out of her depth not only as a potential prime minister but as a credible spokesperson for the rapidly withering BREXIT leadership.

No one could’ve guessed that within a couple of weeks of their triumph, these out-spoken and  wool-pulling politicians would’ve all fallen from their perches.  The BREXIT leaders lied and exaggerated when they weren’t just plain wrong. Now they are paying the price wth their public humiliation. We, the poor Brits, will pay a heavier price however when the full consequences of BREXIT are revealed.


Exited BREXITER Michael Gove, who betrayed his friend David Cameron in the Referendum campaign before betraying his other friend Boris Johnson in the race to the premiership. 




Exited BREXITER Boris Johnson, the betrayer betrayed. He turned on David Cameron too in a bid for the premiership before receiving a traditional Conservative Party assassination.


Exited BREXITER Nigel Farage. Self-proclaimed BREXIT leader, side-lined by the Conservative BREXITERS, disliked by his own UKIP politicians. There was nowhere else for him to go but away.



David Cameron cried when the truth of his political failure sunk in.

It was all prime minister David Cameron’s fault for gambling on the EU Referendum in the first place. His career has ended in tears and there is no reason for him to smile even though all of his leading opponents in the Referendum campaign have choked on their own malice.

So, here we go again, the UK is showing the world how it won its so-called democratic independence from Europe and Theresa May, the new prime minister in waiting, will lead the BREXIT from the European Union, unelected, even by the narrow majority that voted leave in the Referendum. Folks, this is how we made the greatest change in British history since the Second World War.  Not with a bang but a whimper. Is it time yet for Britain to reconsider the wisdom of a Referendum decision so blatantly based on misinformation  that it no longer has validity?

 Theresa May, Britain’s next prime minister – the only actor left standing.


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