The Romanians are coming!!!!!! Britain on panic alert.

There were dramatic scenes at London’s airports last week as the dreaded day arrived…

Britain had read its newspapers and listened to its political leaders so all eyes were on the expected chaos at the country’s borders…

… The UK was on panic alert as rumours spread that hundreds of thousands of Bulgarians and Romanians were going to flood into Britain now that  European Union rules opened the borders to our fellow Europeans.

Brave Nigel Farage, leader of Britain’s main anti-European party,  gritted his teeth and faced the inevitable. Could it really happen? Could it really be as bad as this?

It was everything Mr Farage feared. There were no floods of marauding unemployed Romanian and Bulgarian workers overwhelming British airports – just a trickle of workers who already had jobs here and who were returning after their Christmas holidays with their families back in scary Romania and Bulgaria. Some of them even shook hands with that slick publicity conscious Labour MP,  Keith Vaz who was there to show us all that Romanians can actually be very nice, well-behaved people

..So why was everyone so scared?

…Could it really be true? We wondered. Well it must be because the nation’s favourite newspaper told us so…

..So even Prime Minister David Cameron was running scared.  The rumour had got to him that a notorious Romanian had sneaked through border control and was about to take his revenge on all us frightened Brits but David Cameron’s sidekick, cold-blooded George Osborne, looked as if he had already met the sinister intruder at a weekend party.

This is the man, look away now if you have a nervous disposition, he is hiding in the shadows somwehere near you, waiting to pounce. He’s a Romanian Count from the region of Transylvania….

…and he’s coming to get you, yes Mister, I mean you…

..and you Madam, no one is safe…

Yes – the Romanian is already here and he wants your blood!

Soon we won’t be able to trust anyone – you have been warned!



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