Then last night Lewes’ snow actually got serious and seriously beautiful….

In Lewes, UK, I opened my front door last night and noticed that something pretty wintery had happened….the snow is now actually thick for southern England in early December.

It settled after the cars had gone and only a few stragglers from the pub spoiled the virgin covering.

It was strangely peaceful in the orange street lights

…beautiful too in an urban kind of way. At the back though, with just my outside light on, my garden looked truly magical.

Nothing, not even the smallest of creatures had yet left its mark in the snow…

….i wanted to hold onto this moment for as long as I could…..frozen in time and in silence.

We should never allow ourselves to get immune from snow’s wonderful way of re-defining our familiar landscapes even when we get inconvenienced and our toes tingle with the cold.

This morning, as you can see, there is an even thicker blanket of snow….are we allowed to make a fuss yet?

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