There might have been a towel shortage in 1944 but it didn’t stop the American troops having fun.

I’ve been looking at vintage advertising posters recently and was glad to see that American soldiers weren’t just fighting during World War II or not according to these extraordinarily, well, extraordinary pictures advertising Cannon Towels in 1944.

The idea was to persuade those wives left at home that the shortage of bath towels during the war was all due to their men-folk’s prior need for them. Well, believe that and you’d believe anything, Mrs.

There seems to be a bit of a towel shortage with the troops too in some of these pictures.

They were obviously having a fine old time in the ad agency even if these “true towel tales” are pushing the reality a bit – or are they? I don’t suppose we will never know what those lads got up to on their days off. Just innocent fun I’m sure and why not.

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