Three reasons not to be merry this Christmas.

I’m mostly quite a cheerful optimistic type of person but, really, looking at the world as we move towards Christmas, what is there to be cheerful and optimistic about? Well, I just planted my spring bulbs; my family is coming together again for the Christmas festivities and my home town of Lewes UK, is pleasant enough even though I have felt under siege here since April due to  a train strike  which has cut us Lewes types off from the rest of the world thanks to the incompetent negotiating skills of Southern Rail, the railway unions and the hopelessness of the Ministry of Transport. As much as I’ve missed going up to London and further, there has been good reason to keep one’s head down in a world where the news only seems to get worse.

I know I should have faith in our great political leaders – I’m sure that they know a whole lot more about politics than I do but, really,  how can you stay cheerful if,  like me, you’re a depressed EU Remainer, a so-called wooly Liberal, a disappointed admirer of the USA and a tearful mourner for the people of Syria?

I’m not talking about President Assad, shudder though we should at the sound of his name. I don’t mean Fascists like Marine Le Pen of France or Geert Wilders of the Netherlands, either, or the appalling Kim Jong-un of North Korea.  The world has always had its share of monsters. No, I’m talking about three powerful leaders in whom we should’ve been able to put our trust.

There will be, I fear,  very little good to come from the three political leaders shown below – they appear to be blinkered by their own arrogance, blinded by their own prejudices and, as far as I can see, invulnerable in the three countries that should be helping the world out of its nightmare. My only hope, bizarrely, lies with the not exactly disaster-free, Angela Merkel.

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