A three-year old girl learns about video games – cute or irresponsible parenting?

This is an interesting situation involving the very popular but adult-rated video game Skyrim. The cute little six-year old in the video clip below has an exciting adventure that involves her “swording” bad guys and seeing, maybe, a bit too much for her big baby eyes. What do you think?

In case you are wondering if you should let your three-year olds play this game – or if you just want to have a look yourself – here is some essential bits of Skyrim:


  1. I really have to bite my tongue on this… not only do I find the patents irresposible for allowing a child that young to be in the same room where that game is being played, but the fact that they thought it was cute to put on video is even more disturbing.

  2. Well, yes, they should just be entertained by childish things like attempted infanticide (Snow White), mass murder (Ali Baba)and child neglect (Hansel & Gretel). It does make you wonder how we all turned out so well.

    Of course, it is the fact that video games (do we still call them video games?) are so visual (graphic?) that is the concern.

    You do have to wonder if there is anything that these parents wouldn't let their child see. It's the fact that they've also put this clip on the Internet that I find really concerning.

  3. Hmm…. she's only three. I wouldn't have chosen to expose my daughter to that sort of thing.

    How this little girl fares depends on whether this was an isolated thing or something that happens frequently.

    She seems a bit disturbed by it all, poor little thing.

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