Thunder in my head – is it a post brain haemorrhage thing?

They used to say that an English summer consisted of two hot sunny days and a thunder storm. This year, in Lewes, UK, we’ve had a lot more hot sunny days that but we’ve had a few thunder storms too. I think thunder and lighting is exciting and dramatic  and, the other morning, I was out in my garden practicing my kungfu patterns when a storm brewed up. I didn’t mind carrying on in the rain, it was actually rather refreshing and, when the thunder was only a distant rumbling, I didn’t mind that either. When the lightning came in my direction, however, I took the wise course and fled into the house.

I don’t mind getting wet and I’m able-bodies enough, so far, to keep my distance from lightning but I’ve always been effected by thundery conditions. For many years an impending thunder storm would lead to a migraine and, since I suffered my brain haemorrhage nearly five years ago, I have always been extra-sensitive to thunder storms.

I don’t know if there is any scientific evidence for this but, since my haemorrhage, I feel not just headachy on such days as today but I also struggle with a sense of lethargy, tightness in the head, drowsiness and mild nausea. I wonder if any other brain haemorrhage survivor else recognises these symptoms.  It may of course have nothing to do with brain injury or I might just be having a more extreme reaction to these conditions than I did before the haemorrhage.  I struggle on when it feels like it does here today but I long for the storm to pass. When it does, I bounce back instantaneously but right now I just want to go and lie down.

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  1. I don't read many blogs–too hard on the old eyes–but yours is nice & black, the right balance between text and image, & thanks for the Italian strolls. Re migraines, could one create a chamber in the house with controlled barometric pressure? I have had far fewer migraines since taking Ativan to aid sleep.

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