Tuesday 12 February 2008

Well the Wolf has landed and we were in Hong Kong yesterday where we had a day before flying on to Fuzhou today.

Hong Kong was cold and misty so I couldn’t see any of the famous sights but I did find a good camera shop and bought myself a digital camera for £100 less than I would have paid in England.

Ashamed to say the rest of the Hong Kong day was spent getting totally wasted in various drinking establishments with my four travelling companions. When I say wasted I mean wasted/hammered/rat-arsed. Don’t remember how I got back to the hotel but I did and woke up today feeling as you do after these moments.

Sorry Hong Kong, I may have missed your great tourist attractions but I had a bleedin’ good time and in a way saw a lot more of it than if I was just simply doing the sights.

We’ve now flown to Fuzhou and got established in a really cool hotel – my room has views over the lake with lit up pagodas and stuff reflecting in the water…haven’t seen in by daylight yet.

We met up with our interpreter, Chen, who is cool, friendly and Chinese.

There were too many of us for one taxi so we split up into two. Chen and I soon lost the others so I ended up in a really traditional back street restaurant on my own whilst Chen went off to find the others. Forty minutes was spent trying to communicate in Chinese and I did manage to tell the amazed locals that I was English and five others were joining me…. also I could order tea (I had a hangover remember) and actually got some.

We all met up in the end and went for dinner…delicious fish, sweet and sour pork, chicken doughnuts (?), noodles and, amongst other things a soup with snail like slithery creatures in it with wobbly antennae which tasted salty and gritty. I didn’t ask what it was ‘cos I didn’t want to know.

Well the training starts tomorrow…. it is nearly half one in the morning here and we’re up at 6.00 so speak to you all later.

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