An unfortunately timed bout of ‘flu

It is typical isn’t it! I get great news about my health (see yesterday’s blog) and get all excited about getting back to normal life after two years having to be careful about what I do and then what happens – I get the ‘flu!

I was planning to start my return to fitness today but instead I just have to dream about it and return to my bed for the comforts of paracetamol,  a mug of tea, striped cotton pyjamas, a warm duck down duvet and a good detective story recommended by a friend.

I hope to be back to see you all again when I find out who done it.


  1. Oh dear! I'm so sorry.
    There are indeed increasing amounts of H1N1 circulating. We are already wagging our collective and hygienic fingers at those colleagues who didn't take up the offer of the seasonal jab!
    I really hope you feel better soon…. keep warm and dosed 🙂

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