Up The Revolution in the shop across the road!

It is the May Day bank holiday here in Britain and I was wondering what photograph to put up in recognition of the occasion.

I didn’t have to look very far because, as usual, the always inventive owner of the shop across the road got there first with the perfect idea.

Phase Consultants ( http://www.phaseconsultants.co.uk ) do all sorts of things I don’t understand about health and safety with harnesses and helmets and James has invited me to go over and have a look sometime – I haven’t dared yet but I have been admiring his ingenuity from afar – well from across the road and out of my upstairs window actually.

May Day in Britain is a strange festival which unites folksy traditionalists with the rump of the British Marxist-Leninist movement and which is also just fun for everyone else. Well done then James for giving us that worker’s cap. It has inspired me to sing the Internationale whilst watching those wonderful local Morris Dancers later on. They always perform round the corner from me here in Lewes. Somewhere, as far as I know, that the great Mr. Lenin never visited. Not sure if he went in for Morris Dancing either actually.

Have a good time everyone in the World who has today as a holiday and let’s hear it for those brave people who fought and died for freedom from oppression even if the day itself can get a bit over-militarised in some countries. I think workers of the World should all dance round May poles and wear garlands in their hair but then I am a quirky English-wolf.

Happy Holidays everyone.

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