Virtual Writers ask me to remember why I wrote Stephen Dearsley’s Summer Of Love.


The lively online writers’ community, Virtual Writers, has asked me to do a questions and answers session about my novel Stephen Dearsley’s Summer Of Love (published by Ward Wood Publishing). It was enjoyable thinking back over the time when I wrote it just when I’m finishing my new novel, Blue Notes, Still Frames (soon to be published by Ward Wood Publishing), and working on the third one, Over The Hills Is A Long Way Off.  All three novels are based in Brighton, UK, but in different decades – 1967, 1994 and 2017. Sometimes, it’s difficult to remember what year I’m living in.

I’m grateful to Virtual Writers for encouraging me to go back to my first published novel and to remember or try to remember the impulses that led me to write it. If you’d like to find out what I said, here’s the link:

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