Waiting for that call……

 I was very efficient this morning, coming on to my computer before breakfast to get on with my work but only to find that there is a problem with some of my internet connections. I spoke to a very chatty person on the telephone about this and she was very friendly and checked all the usual things before telling me that she would get someone with more knowledge to ring me within four hours. Well, OK, I thought, i don’t mind a bit of a wait….

… I enjoyed breakfast reading the newspapers on my Kindle…….

….. I played some Joni Mitchell (Shadows and Light) and made some coffee…….

….decided not to go out in case the internet providers rang. Another coffee seemed like a good idea…

… I sorted out some paperwork that I keep putting off. No point in starting any writing because the moment I do, the internet providers will ring….. am I being neurotic? Just get on with it and forget about all this clock watching….

….they still haven’t rung…..why do I only think about the clock and the phone not ringing? I should try to forget about it. I know, I’ll play us all a song. The wonderful Timi Yuro will take my mind off waiting for that call:

Still no call!

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