Water, water everywhere!

Nearly time for a nice, er……glass of water. Hmmm….delicious.

How many sets of kidneys has it been through before it comes out of my tap? Too many for me to want to visualise I think. I believe in sharing to a certain extent but some of the things we share in modern urban life don’t really bear close scrutiny. Like what goes into a sausage, for instance.

Actually this water is quite tasty. It has a pleasant, neutral bouquet and a mild taste of fresh air on the palate. It is really very drinkable and ideal with a nice grilled turbot or even Beef Wellington with roast potatoes and steamed spinach. It would go well with a piece of Roquefort cheese too, accompanied by some Italian olives and water, er, biscuits.

What do I usually do at this time. Don’t think about it it will only make it worse. Too late…I have said the word now: COFFEE.

Who needs water! I had enough of it already in the shower this morning and was already quite bored by it by the time I had finished watering my vegetable seedlings. I like to think I come from an advanced evolved species that has moved on from the stuff to the wonderful world of coffee beans, cafetieres and large French coffee cups with the black nectar steaming welcomingly and sending its aroma tantalisingly to your nostrils telling you that it is time for……a glass of water.

In case you are wondering, I have a fitness test at 12 noon today and I have been on a no caffeine, no alcohol fast since about this time yesterday and, after a very early breakfast, I am not eating either.

I hope it will be worth it. My personal trainer, Ricardo, is doing the tests and comparing notes on how I have progressed since I started this course of exercises.

When it is over, I shall be straight out for a coffee.

I am not hooked on many things but I love them all and there is no way I am going to give them up!

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