Welcome home Adam from Foxes!

My friend and relative, Adam Bell, from the band Foxes! (see Links in the right hand column) is back from a month in India. He had a good time there and a good time last night too when he came round for dinner and saw his new vinyl single for the first time – it was released whilst he was away.

It is a very pretty object and the music is good too so look for Foxes! on Amazon if you want your copy or an upload. What is this! An advert or what! Well, I just can’t help getting enthusiastic or pumping up my blood pressure which seems, incidently, to go up and down in a most mysterious way so I am working at staying calm.

Adam didn’t come home empty handed either, he remembered the tragedy of that builder who stole my favourite pencil and brought me a pack of Indian cedar wood ones, perfect for my scrawly poetry handwriting.

….he gave me a small Indian meditating figure too so I am sitting here in a happy contemplative state. Blood pressure? nope, I am fine. How are you feeling?

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