What every household needs.

When I was very ill once someone did actually peel me a grape. Fortunately these days I need less care and attention but that sense of luxury that surrounds grapes has never left me. It isn’t just in hospitals that they are consumed. They were originally designed to be eaten whilst lying on a low sofa dressed in a Roman toga but that isn’t always possible so, if you really want to retain a sense of decadence about your grapes then do what I’ve just done, after a lengthy search, buy yourself a pair of grape scissors.

These are silver plated and early 20th Century so I guess they will have to do until I find some Roman ones. They work and they also prevent that unpleasant struggle round the dinner table when you get a particularly stubborn vine stem. They go well too, I think, on that fruit bowl bought last year in Sicily. Now, come to think of it, the Romans were there too. Clever people those Romans.


  1. we have an american friend in neuilly-sur-seine who won't go anywhere without a mushroom brush. swears by it.

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