What I write when I decide not to write

I was tempted not to write anything today.

Well, I am ill with the ‘flu and I should take it easy so they say.

So I thought I might just write a few words of apology on here today and leave you all to your own devices.

I sat down with a mug of strong Colombian coffee, mmmmm, and thought I had made the right decision as I really didn’t feel like doing any writing at all.

I have been reading a lot of poetry recently by modern writers both here in Britain and in America and I was, ‘flu influenced no doubt, feeling insecure about my own feeble efforts as a poet.

Why are people so much cleverer than me I thought after I had struggled twice through a poem and still wondered what the f*** it was all about. Maybe I should give it up, I thought.

Then, I had an idea and before I had finished that coffee I had just gone ahead and written a new poem.

My very good friend Henry gave me a small but beautiful scribbling book for my birthday and it is rapidly becoming the place where I do most of my writing. It is so nice to get away from the computer and to sit down with this little book and a very chewable pencil. It is an almost instant entrance to the lively part of the brain that just wants to get on with things no matter where you are.

It is probably rubbish and it is only in its first virginal draft but it has been my friend and broken my momentary loss of confidence. Thanks Henry, thanks little book and thanks chewable pencil.

Oh I also enjoy the pencil sharpener too – it is an essential piece of equipment like all those little bits of paraphernalia that drug addicts are so fond of.

And, before I know where I am, I have written today’s blog.

Have a nice day everyone. I am going back to my writing.

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