What to do when your computer plays up and you want to jump out of the window.

I was going to do a blog today about the changes in my garden since Spring galloped through with indecent haste here in Lewes in the UK but downloading the photographs caused an irritating computer log-jam just as I was printing off a multi-paged document which then decided to print itself off again and all this whilst my freshly-ground Colombian coffee beans were mellowing in my cafetiere two floors below. I am not naturally hysterical (well, let’s just agree on that for the purpose of this blog) but I was beginning to despair at the waste of time, the annoying characteristics of computer technology and my own incompetence when a 21st Century  “person from Porlock” rang me on my iMac computer’s excellent inbuilt visual telephone system, FaceTime, and there he was sitting on my computer screen next to Horace, the spider, who acts as my permanent screensaver.

Actually, he wasn’t a person from Porlock at all (the surpize visitor who interrupted Coleridge when he was writing Kubla Khan), he was David, my old friend from Liverpool and, annoyingly, he was drinking a cup of coffee.

Well, he saved me from over-heating. he waited whilst I went to pour out my own coffee and we talked for much too long, a kind of water-cooler moment, so that there was no time for the planned blog. Sorry about that but look in tomorrow if you are interested in my garden. Needless to say, walking away from the computer problems gave the machine time to sort itself out.

Meanwhile it is goodbye from me, David and Horace. Have a nice day!

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