Whatever happened to my get up and go?

Sometimes I just get days like this. I guess I’m not alone. I have been struggling this morning – getting up was a major challenge, breakfast was long and lingering, today’s projects, including writing the daily blog, put off for as long as possible. Maybe I’m just a lazy git.

It can be tiring though writing poetry. I know people think it is a pleasant easy-going kind of life being a writer but after the final tidying up of a batch of poems to send off to a publisher, I feel  mentally and physically well knackered. Shameful I know when other people have probably been up for hours doing heavily physical jobs – but no matter, today, I feel like the squirrel above.

I suppose going to the gym every day has something to do with it too. I put up all my weights last night and did my kungfu patterns with extra vroom, this morning, my muscles are having a quiet word with me. Actually it is a good feeling knowing that your body is building up its strength. Tired body, tired brain, it’s all fine if there’s nothing to do today but, this will not do, there’s still some poetry to fine-tune and I need to finish this blog.

Maybe I just need an extra strong cup of coffee? Now there’s a thought.


Now, should I cut out the word “the” in this new poem? Should it be an “a” or is it better without either? Exhausting work, poetry!


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