When I met George Harrison and Paul McCartney

Today is the day the digitalised Beatles’ albums are released amid a whole load of publicity, articles about the Fab Four, 60s retrospectives and Me and John/Paul/George or Ringo stories.

We are just touching the tip of the iceberg in 60s retrospectives because next year begins a decade long It Was 50 Years Ago Today stories.

It was 50 years ago today that……

…..I lost that bus ticket in the street and it was a return. I had to fork out another 2/6p.

…..that I met this guy who was on dope. It was soooo funny when he said…….

…..we were all in the park and we took our clothes off. It was really cool that day.

…. I decided to stop reminiscing.

I love The Beatles but I do hope that we can try to enjoy their music without having all that psuedo-social analysis and pop history rammed down our throats.

Maybe no one has heard these newly remastered albums yet, I haven’t but I have been wading through all that nostalgia reportage in the papers trying, in vain, to find out what they are like.

I do know though that a Mrs. Whatshername from Somewhere used to scream and wet her knickers at Beatlemania events and that some friend of a friend of Ringo’s remembered when the great drummer man got pissed one night after a show.

I don’t need any of that but I would like to know which version of those great albums I should buy and why. Maybe they will start telling me today after the press launch.

I was going to write about an afternoon I spent with George Harrison and that time I gave Paul McCartney a £5 note but you don’t want to hear all these stories, you must be bored to death by them this week.

Just put on one of the albums and celebrate the phenomenon. It was about music.

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