When neighbours are just good friends.

Let me introduce you to my neighbours Harvey and Liz who are not just good friends as that Australian soap opera tells us, but they are also fellow martial arts enthusiasts in spite of the fact that they practise taekwondo and wear white uniforms whilst I do kungfu and wear black.

As I have remarked before on these pages, on a good drying day, our uniforms hang confrontationally on neighbouring washing lines.

One day we will gather our forces for that great scene from martial arts movies when opposing clubs compete for supremacy. The result won’t be just black and white I suspect.

In truth, we respect each other’s traditions and, when Harvey asked me to write a poem for Liz’s birthday, I decided that I would try to use a martial arts theme whilst attempting a portrait of Liz herself.

I hope she likes it but I would be pleased if it has some resonance for others too. here it is:

Oh yes, that For Sale sign is still there across the road on Ron’s shop but, Oakleys, the respected Lewes estate agents have promised that it will be down by tomorrow and I just have to believe them – they promised.

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