When the sun shines through my window, Lewes fools me into thinking Spring has arrived.

My little garret writing room is bathed in sunshine this fine January morning here in Lewes, UK. Me and my Bonsai tree aren’t sure if it’s summer of Winter in here and, if it wasn’t that it’s too easy to turn into a weird eccentric when you spend too much time working at home on your own, I’d be tempted to change into Bermuda shorts and sunglasses but it’s good enough to feel the sun on my face as I sit here squinting at my trusty computer screen.

Looking out of the window, I see that my neighbour’s almond tree is in blossom and, as usual round here, that plucky little tree is the first herald of life in the middle of Winter.


The sunshine and almond blossom are enough to lift my spirits when the international news talks of snow blizzards and preposterously low temperatures. I suspect it will end up getting cold here again but, for now,  I’m happy to bask in the spirit of this false Spring.


Out in my garden, I too have some heralds of Spring – snowdrops are always in the vanguard of those flowers that defy reason to bloom in the most inhospitable of times and mine return with a smile every January.


My primroses too, unexpectedly brighten the darkest corner of my garden with their radiant but tasteful shades of pale yellow. These have been flowering since before Christmas even though they are not supposed to open their petals for at least another couple of months.

That’s enough gazing out of the window, back to work.


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