Why are they booing you Mr Osborne?

We don’t love politicians so much that we can’t enjoy it when their PR opportunities misfire – well I can’t anyway. If I find it hard to love any of our British parliamentarians these days then I hold the present Chancellor of the Exchequer, the odious George Osborne in especial disregard. For me he combines arrogance, ignorance and bigoted intelligence to a poisonous degree. He’s Britain’s Paul Ryan. What did he expect when he came to present the medals at the Paralympics yesterday? Only a very blinkered or a very stupid  politician would expect applause after masterminding the projected cuts in disability benefits. The Olympic stadium now famous for the rapturous support roared at British athletes echoed to a different tune yesterday with the eery sounds of booing as Mr Osborne was announced.  Maybe he should have listened to those angry voices rather than just tried to smirk them off.

At least he has one fan left in the UK but, what was I saying about stupid politicians? Mr Cameron, the British Prime Minister is scheduled to announce a cabinet shuffle today but I’m sure he too wasn’t listening to those boos. That George Osborne is failing in his over-politicised economic policy is now beyond question but is it too much to hope that David Cameron will dare to ditch him before he brings the whole country down with him? Sadly, there’s no chance.

Listen to those boos Mr Cameron, you’ll be hearing more of them soon.


  1. I's that look of confusion on his face as it dawn on him that this was not a joke. It was spontaneous, and that's his worry. When the WI had a go at Tony Blair, that was – I expect – prepared; this was just catching the mood of the moment.

    Had a mad axeman chased after him, would people have stopped him? No,they would probably clear a path, saying "after you".

    Politicians, beware – and be aware.

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