Why can't we keep our Royal Mail?

I like our Royal Mail, I like James, our postman too. I’m impressed by our local sorting office and I have no complaints about our excellent daily mail service.  I’m sad to see  yet another British institution wrecked by government here in Britain.  Denationalisation raises its ugly head yet again in this country already annoyed to have its railways and utilities handed over to the kind of businessmen that we have also learnt to distrust in recent years. British Conservatism has much to answer for including the destruction of so many institutions which used to distinguish Britain’s unique qualities.

Handing over our mail service will be great for everyone who makes a quick buck out of the sale just like it was in the Thatcher/Major days but, already, I feel the dead hand of David Cameron. No Midas touch here, everything he touches turns to, well, you know the S word. Just wait and see.

He would do better trying to give us back our railway system.

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