Why I always have a bandage on my arm on Thursdays.

I think people in my hometown of Lewes, UK, are used to me walking around on a Thursday with a bandage on my arm.

Sometimes once a week, sometimes once a fortnight or, if all is well, once a month, I go to my local doctor’s practice for a blood test because, all year, I have been recovering (I hope) from a serious lung condition known as Pulmonary Embolism – in simpler words, I have two large blood clots in my lungs which make me breathless because they interfere with the flow of blood through the lungs and also cause fluid in there – in my case in both lungs.

Looked at dispassionately, blood clots are pretty things but, believe me, you don’t want them and you especially don’t want them in your lungs where, if left untreated, they can stop you breathing and we all now what happens then.

Fortunately I have been in the safest of hands, the British National Health Service where I am regularly tested, scanned and medicated to make sure that the clots don’t grow any bigger while the body begins the long slow process of dissolving the clots and, ultimately, clearing my lungs.


Pulmonary Embolism, I have discovered, is a very serious condition but it is survivable if correctly diagnosed and treated with the appropriate daily doses of anti-coagulant drugs known as Warfarin. People say that Warfarin ‘thins the blood’ but this isn’t strictly accurate. Warfarin slows down the blood coagulation rate so that the blood clots are halted in their progress. I’m happy that I am now in the therapeutic stage with the medical opinion being that it is now just a question of time and a sensible lifetyle, before I make a complete recovery.  If you think you have Pulmonary Embolism, seek immediate treatment because, ignored, it is life threatening.


So that’s why I have that bandage on my arm.  The blood tests check on my levels of anti-coagulant and that dictates the precise amount of Warfarin that I should be taking each day.

Here am I this morning in the caring hands of Belinda, the Warfarin nurse at my local practice.  I am long past getting squeamish at the sight of my own blood. In fact I’ve grown rather fond of it. Long may it flow freely through my veins.


I am also relieved to see that the computer reading says that my coagulant rate is at the right level so, fingers crossed, I am on my way back to full health. I’m still hoping to be off the Warfarin drugs by the end of September but there I’m in the hands of the excellent doctors and nurses of the British National Health Service. I’m not only truly grateful for their care but impressed by their skills. It’s good to be alive.


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