Will I survive sitting on a beach in Greece?

I have never done it before and I don’t know what it will be like but here goes.

Yes, I am finally going on a holiday where there will not be much to do except sit in the sun, sit out of the sun, swim in the sea and hang around in small bars and restaurants.

There will be no extensive exploring expeditions, no large gatherings of people, no telecommunications and no schedules.

I am going to spend sixteen days on a small Greek island where, I am told, I am going to relax.

I wonder if I will succeed.

In the past I always thought such a vacation would bore me to death but, this time, after being incarcerated at home with a long and annoying recuperation from illness, I am, to say the least, looking forward to this adventure in doing nothing very much in the sun.

I shall take a small writing book and a pencil with me but no lap-top…..I am feeling nervous already!

I have never been to Greece before even though I have visited most European countries, I know no words of the language and most of my knowledge centres around those ancient heroes and Gods who, or so I am told, don’t live there any more.

I remember a female singer who wore glasses, a big male singer in a beard and a kaftan, a shipping tycoon who married an American president’s widow and a movie where the locals threw stones at another widow woman in a black dress. That was the film with the only Greek music I can recall instantly, Zorba the Greek. It is not enough, I know, so I am in for some new experiences.

I considered trying to track down some drachmas in case the euro collapses whilst I am away but, what the hell, I am going to go with the flow.

So I don’t have much to worry about. Just problems like what books should I take, what albums should I download onto my iPod and how many t-shirts and pairs of shorts will I need. Your suggestions would be gratefully received.

As for the blog, tomorrow sees the final installment of my book Unpublished Material and I have a plan for the time whilst I am away.

Have a good time until I see you again – I hope you will still be loyal readers when I return.


If you wonder what I will be doing, take a look at this classic film clip:

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