William and Kate’s topless photos.

Here’s one of the shocking photographs of Prince William (and his wife Kate), topless on a seaside holiday. Astonishing – look you can even see nipples. There is big money in the  royals’ naked bits and now William and Kate, enraged by having their privates on parade,  are taking legal action over the latest long lens shots of Kate’s bosom.

There’s nothing admirable in these paparazzi adventures in taking sneaky photographs of people enjoying themselves in private. The invasion of privacy is the issue, not the naughty naked bits, it was wrong to intrude on the royal couple in their latest exotic holiday in that luxurious villa even if they were fully clothed and merely frying eggs sunny-side up or thumbing through the Encyclopedia Britannica.

Of course millions of people want to see titillatingly naked pictures, school boys and their mental think-a-likes,  I suppose they don’t get enough nakedness at home, so there is big money in getting the shots that people want. Tits and bums sell papers and they are pretty popular on the internet too – people need to get out more I suspect. Royal tits and bums are the Holy Grail because, until recently anyway, they have been usually primly tucked away in royal palaces  or only taken out on their frequent millionaire holidays in remote posh villas with no photographic vantage points. Now that camera lenses can get to the places formerly only accessed by the romantic royal couples themselves, William and Kate need to be more careful about where they flash their tits and bits or, maybe, they should just flaunt them more often until there’s no novelty value left in, what is after-all, just nudity. You know, as they say, everyone is naked, like everyone  else,  under their clothes. What’s the big deal?

Maybe Prince Harry’s famous nudity has a message for Will and Kate too. Strip off loves, let everyone see what you’ve got and soon they’ll get bored with looking. It would put the cynically intrusive paparazzi out of business too.

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