The Wire

I don’t know the true identity of the genius that is “mrfrothy” but he has my sincere admiration for these inspired wind-up “Wire” characters. I want them – and NOW. Sadly there is only one set of them, hand made for a lucky person who mrfrothy describes as a friend – I wonder if it is me.

Jimmy McNulty

Omar Little

If I could only have one then I think it would have to be Omar Little, if you’re reading this mrfrothy but, even better, if you could maybe slip me two, I would love the Jimmy Ncnulty too.
If I had the whole wind-u cast, I could do my own series – now that would really be something. So mrfrothy, if you give me the whole set, I will remake the wire right here in Lewes, UK and give you the final credit – that’s a promise.
And, just in case, there is a sad individual out there who has never seen The Wire, here are the real Jimmy McNulty and Omar Little:

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